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(Minor Unfavorbale Trait)


A character with this trait is not yet of the age of majority. This is the age at which one acquires the full legal rights of an adult and ceases to be under the official control of parents/guardian adult(s). This commonly includes things such as the right to vote in democracies, the right to partake in specific religious or social decisions, the ability to be trained to serve in the military, travel alone on a passport, marry, and the ability to enter into binding contracts. The age is normally fixed by laws, though in some cases a minor may reach majority through an emancipation procedure.


Taking the Youth trait assumes that the character will not be of an age of Majority for at least another in-game year, and that they will not be allowed to perform certain actions (ex: purchase property, operate a motorized vehicle solo, vote etc.) in the prime country that the storylines will be taking place in.


Youth's are also subject to some prejudice, by persons with appropriate prejudices against younger people in general.


Additionally a character that has this trait cannot start with more than 7 ranks in any skill that they possess, since they should not in any way be an expert in any skill that they possess. They can advance skills with growth points once play begins.


Over time this trait will eventually be removed from the character. The actual age of the character is up to the player, though it is generally assumed that most players won't want to play characters younger than a teenager in most campaigns.


This trait cannot be taken at the same time as Elderly or Middle Aged.


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