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(Fitness Skill)


Wrestling is the ability to grab, pin or otherwise grapple with another being in order to prevent them from moving or taking other physical actions.


It is opposed by Wrestling, Fitness (the basis of Wrestling) or Contortionist skill. Once they have successfully grabbed an opponent, on the next action round, they may attempt to use their hold to inflict damage on them (making wrestling rolls instead of brawling rolls). An opponent that is grabbed by wrestling gets no defense from the character that is holding them and cannot use hand held weapons or make gestures to break free.


(Damage is done with a weapon base of 1 unless the character has a special trait or ongoing spell that enhances them in some way).


On rounds after the initial grab, a person that is grabbed can try to break free using a Wrestling, Fitness, or Contortionist skill which is opposed by the pinning character's Wrestling Skill.


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