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World Of Drallion

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World Of Drallion



Drallion is the largest of the worlds in diameter, but smaller in mass as it has less heavy metals. The surface is uncomfortably hot in comparison to Jarro, but not incapable of sustaining life. It has little in the way of fresh surface water, save near it’s polar regions, but does have two salty seas and a number of extensive underground waterways and rivers. Drallion has two tiny uninhabited moons, and itself is in an orbit that brings it closer to the sun than Jarro. Much of the sentient population lives in underground caverns, traveling the surface only at night. The atmosphere on the surface is thin, but breathable by human standards, so long as one avoids the mountains. The population includes probably the largest colonies of Wyrdlings in the Zamani system, the dominant Ombra, and a few small human outposts (near the polar regions).


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