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(Dexterity Skill)


This is the skill used for all forms of whip and flail-like weapons, as well as the use of improvised weapons of a similar nature made from chains, rope, etc.


Whips use a form of centrifical force to build up the speed of a weighted material so that the distance further from the user's hand moves at an exceptionally fast speed (often breaking the sound barrier) as it strikes a target.


Whips need some physical space to use, and cannot be used well in confined quarters. They may be one or two handed weapons, depending on design, and may include a solid handle and/or a counterweight to ease their usage.


Parrying/blocking weapons cannot be used against Whip attacks, but shields can be. Whips cannot be used underwater. If a whip achieves a Knockout effect on the Action Table, it is assumed to be tangled around the target and it will take an action to untangle it.


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