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Uninitiated (Minor Unfavorable Trait)


A character with this trait has all the potential needed to be a spellcaster, but has not yet had formal training and may not be aware of their potential at all.


Stories of initiation are found in numerous works of fiction, both written and filmed. The main protagonist will go thru a number of learning experiences that slowly teach them about their abilities, including some life threatening ones and the making of choices that can include the temptations of misuse of power for personal gain in some manner. Eventually they cross one or more thresholds and become what their hidden potential allows, but often with a loss of innocence and/or wonder.


Luke Skywalker of the "Star Wars" movies, Richard Meyhew of the novel "Neverwhere", Tim Hunter of the graphic novel series "Books of Magic", and Skeeve of the Robert Asprin "Mythadventures" series are all examples of characters with the Uninitiated trait in the begining.


Because of their status the character is partially protected from some of the more violent or dangerous plans of some antagonists. This combined with the fact that at some point they will probably gain a Mystic Path and lose the limiting effects of this trait gives it it's minor status.


A character with this trait cannot take at start any of the Mystic Paths training related traits, since part of the goal would be to learn one of these thru initiation and self exploration during the game. They will have no magic spells to start with.


They MUST take the Mystic Sense trait to have this trait.


Generally only one character in a group should have this trait, and only if the GM gives permission since it can become the focus of not just the character but the entire group in some storylines.


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