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Summonable (Severe Unfavorable Trait)


A character with this trait finds themselves called against their will and at times under the control of spellcasters, being yanked away from their life to distant places to do their bidding.


Usually this is associated with a Mystic Heritage, but it may be the result of a curse, divine irritation, a magical accident or as a price of a specific ability or magical item that they possess.


The GM can use this as the lead into a plot/storyline if they choose, or it could explain a character suddenly disappearing in the middle of a current plot when the player is unable to attend (with weird repurcussions when they return to the game group) or it might lead to other complications along the way.


It also means that an antagonist might find out how to use this against you and turn you against your own goals, friends or desires.


Be careful before choosing to take this as it can and will make life a bit rough for your character, to say the least.

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