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(Influence Skill)


This skill is a combination of knowledge and application of knowlegde about the otherside of any culture, the criminal world and the shadowy world of people who live on the edges of society (not necessarily criminals but outside the 'respectable' working and wealthy classes).


It involves the finding of and dealing with fences, pawnshops, confidence men, smugglers, dealers in stolen or illegal goods, unreported gambling establishments, arms merchants, drugs dealers, petty thieves, extortionists, loan sharks, etc.


It can be combined with Friends In Low Places to provide a network of information, supplies and insight into the secret shadowy world of organized and unorganized crime.


It also is used as a cultural knowledge, in many ways, for people who live in the shadow world, to aid in communication and bargaining. The GM may consider it, in many cases, a complementary skill, allowing the addition of the skill levels of it to be included in rolls of other influence skills for dealing with people of this persuasion.


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