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Street Mage

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Street Mage


(Severe Favorable Trait)


Street mages are people who have learned magic without benefit of a specific tradition, religion or formal training system. Instead they have collected a hodge podge of magical knowledge, some of it dubious or just plain wrong, and slapped it together with the magical equivilant of string, duct tape, baling wire and elastics to produce results.


Street mages thus can, if they find a source to teach them, combine spells from traditions with drastically different rules without compounding the rules together. They keep the rules for the individual spells that came from their source, though they may warp the results a bit in the process of learning them.


Street mages generally are unattached to any religion or religious affiliation. They have social disadvantages when dealing with other magical practitioners, as they are perceived as short cutting training and lacking understanding behind what they do (and thus more dangerous).


All street mages have a personal item of power channeling. This item has taken them a long period of time to create, and it is vital for them to have it whenenver they cast spells. Exactly what the item is, is a matter of choice of the mage. It may be a piece of jewelry, a wand, a deck of cards, a piece of clothing, an entire set of clothes (a 'ritual garment'... for example a Zoot Suit).


If the item becomes lost, stolen or destroyed then it will take them some time to replace it, as a new one will take them a good week to prepare to replace it. Being able to have a spare channeling item requires them to have a special street mage major favorable trait, Spare Channel.


The ability of the mages to learn spells quickly (and to learn a wide variety of spells) means that Street Mages can be very unpredictable when encountered.... and when you add that many of them are, well, mentally unstable, you can see why other mages react negatively to them in many matters.


Street Mages get to start with a dozen spells randomly chosen by the GM to start with... though they may offer a few suggestions of spell types or concepts that go well with their focus (and should only be spells they actually have the appropriate mystic senses for).


Street mages are generally poor at magical theory and understanding how things work, which also means they are bad at troubleshooting problems and creating totally original spells of any kind.



Street Mages do NOT get to take other Mystic Paths or Favored Follower


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