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Statuesque (Minor Favorable Trait)


A character with this trait is taller proportionately than the average human, standing somewhere between 6' 5" to as much as 8' in height. This may be genetic, the result of a specific Mystic Heritage, the result of some Viral condition or the result of unusual magical side effects.


The character will have to pay 10-20% more for clothing, and it will have to be made specifically for them (no off the rank stuff for the most part). They get a +1 to their Move on Foot due to increased stride of limbs, and a +2 to the base of the skills of Interrogation, Brawling and Oration.


They take a -2 to the base of the skills of Shadowing, Acrobatics and Contortionist.


They can have a Fitness Attribute as high as 12 at start (they do not get extra character points to do this with, just an increased range).


This trait cannot be taken with Petite or Diminutive.


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