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Spells Of Aramhime

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Spells Of Aramhime


These are the starting spells for casters of Aramhime

Hawk Form (-6)


Target: Self Time: Continuing; Trigger Repeating Effect: Transformation (Great) Senses: Touch

Special : Concentration, Extra Time : Ritual


This allows the spellcaster to transform themselves and their possessions and become, temporarily a hawk themselves while retaining their intelligence, mystic senses and active spells. The trigger is a word of command, with which they become the beast. They can end the effect at will, and resume it (if the duration is not ended) by again invoking the word.


Hawk Of Seeking (-5)


Target: Individual Animal Time: Continuing Effect: Control/Scrying Senses: Sight, Hearing

Special : Concentration, Incantations, Extra Time : 2 Actions to Cast


This allows the spellcaster to enchant and control a hawk, controlling it’s movements and using it’s senses to see, hear, etc. The caster’s own mystic senses will work thru the hawk’s body as well.


Healing Of The Faithful (-3)


Target: Other Being Time: Instant Effect: Repair/Heal Senses: Sight, Touch

Special : Incantations, Concentration, Extra Time : 2 Actions to Cast


This allows the caster to heal any member of the faith of Aramhime. Amount of damage healed is based on the caster’s SPIRIT in wound points. It can only be performed once on each target each day. It will not work on unbelievers, animals etc.


Howl Of A Hundred Jackals (-7)


Target: All in Area, Area Boundary Time: Continuing Effect: Illusion, Influence Senses: Hearing, Sight

Special : Incantation, night only, Extra Time (extra action)


This causes all in the area to hear the howling of jackals all around them. The howl of the Jackal causes fearful effects in others affected (as per the fear table). It fails against those who cannot hear or are unconscious. The caster is immune to the effect. Those who’s spirit is high and who defend against the spell do not hear the jackals. Once affected a character will no longer hear them either. It only works in lands where jackals have lived (Limited geography) and only at night.


Magic Revelations (-4)


Target: Self Time: Continuing Effect: Information/Enhancement Senses: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch

Special : Concentration, Extra Time : 2 Actions to Cast


This allows the caster to see thru illusions and invisibility effects that neither normal nor magical senses can normally see thru, exposing them for what they are. It additionally will protect against fear effects that are produced by illusions.


Protective Winds ( -5)


Target: Self Time: Continuing Effect: Protection Senses: Sight (with reflection), Touch

Special : Concentration, Extra Time : Extra Action, Incantations, Limited Environment


This places around the caster protective winds that will erase the scent of the caster so that they cannot be detected by smell, and gives them an extra +4 to their Defense against any attack with arrows or strength launched range weapons (but it has no effect against bullets or melee weapons). It equally interferes with the caster from attacking with similar weapons. This spell can only be used in an outdoors location.


Refutation Of Powers (-6)


Target: Self Time: Continuing Effect: Protection Senses: Sight (with reflection), Touch

Special : Concentration, Full Minute


This will protect the caster from the magic spells, effects and abilities based on magic of others who are not of the Servants of Aramhime. It temporarily doubles the Spirit of the caster for defensive purposes against magic only. The Caster’s Spirit Doubled also acts as Armor against magical weapons that act on a physical level.


Seek The Infidel (-5)


Target: Other Being (subset) Time: Continuing Effect: Information/Scrying Senses: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Arcane

Special : Incantations, Extra Time : Full Minute


This allows the caster to seek out a specific being who is believed to be an infidel (infidels are enemies of the temple and it’s religion, followers of other deities, those who have desecrated holy places, etc. and not just unbelievers.) This works over great distances, using an Arcane connection. It gives direction and distance to the being they seek.


Speed Of Divine Wrath (-4)


Target: Self Time: Continuing Effect: Movement Senses: Touch

Special : Incantations


This temporarily doubles the effective Move of the caster for the duration. It causes 1 point of wound damage to the caster each time that it is cast.


Tanglefoot Grasses (-7)


Target: All in Area, Boundary Time: Continuing Effect: Bind Senses: Sight, Hearing, Smell

Special : Limited Environment (Outdoor w/plant life), Concentration, Gestures, Extra Time : 2 Actions to Cast


This causes all existing brush, grasses, vines and other plant life to rapidly grow and attempt to impede and entrap animal and humanoids within the area of effect. This reduces ground movement by half in most areas. The caster of the spell will be unaffected by this. Additionally if a character spends more than a combat round in any one place they may become fully entangled and be unable to move without cutting/burning away the underbrush on their legs or breaking away from it with a fitness roll. A character that has been bound in place for a minute or longer will equally lose use of their arms or other limbs as they become equally tangled. Entangled characters will remain tangled until freed, even if the duration of the spell has ended.

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