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Spell Klutz Table

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Spell Klutz Table


The Spell Klutz table is used whenever a spellcasting character, artifact or creature activates a spell or casts one and fails their initial spellcasting roll. It also comes into play when a target has the trait Spell Distortion. Occasionally it also happens when an artifact is damaged, and from situations of Mystic Influences.


The Table is a d100 table, containing 100 distinct separate effects.


  • In the event that a result roll would duplicate an existing condition, or has come up as result in the current game session, the klutz roll produces a null effect.


01Temporary Spell Amnesia : Caster cannot remember this spell again until they’ve had a full night’s sleep.
02Caster Gets New Insight Into The Nature Of Magic, Gets +1 Rank to their Skill in Spellcasting permanently.
03Caster gets a splitting headache (-2 ranks to all Skill rolls for an hour)
04The Spell effect occurs, but as if the Caster had a SPIRIT of 1
05A ‘Typo’ Version Of The Spell Occurs (Duration as per caster’s Spirit)
06Delayed Effect : Spell will go off 1 minute later.
07Delayed Effect : Spell will go off 1 hour later.
08Spell effect occurs but at wrong target (random target).
09The Spell effect occurs, but as if the Caster had a SPIRIT of 20 and 50% Success Differential
10Caster Takes 1d10 Wounds (no armor/defenses apply) of spell burn.
11Spell fails, and all non-critical ongoing spell effects of the caster also end.
12Caster Is Stunned for next action and unable to act.
13Caster gains the trait Minor Mystic Influences.GM assigns details.
14The opposite result of what was being cast occurs. (Ex: A damaging spell causes healing)
15Random Sentient acquires the Good Luck (Major Favorable) Trait permanently Magical Accident.
16Caster knocked unconscious for 1d10 minutes.
17One Limb of Caster (random) suffers as if a Limb Strike has occurred on it for the rest of combat or 3 minutes (whichever is shorter) -1 Rank to Defend or Attack or Perform Dexterity based skills and rolls.
18Armor Weakened : If caster is wearing armor, has natural armor or currently has magical armor effect it is weakened by 1 point for the next hour.
19Spirit Weary : Caster’s has a -1 to Spirit for all defense rolls against magic and for casting results until they have a full night’s sleep/rest.
20Caster takes 2d10 wounds (no armor/defenses apply) of spell burn.
21Caster’s Skin temporarily rendered transparent, can see the muscles, veins, etc underneath. Makes them -2 Ranks to Physical Defense for the next 10 action rounds since their vital organs are more obvious.
22Caster Paralyzed Physically and Mentally until someone else makes contact with them. No Defense value vs physical or magical attacks.
23Awakens a new Mystic Sense in a random sentient.
24Caster Knocked Prone by Feedback (½ Normal Physical Defense)
25Focus Item or Channel (or random possession) Destroyed Instead
26Caster’s Fingers Go Numb (-2 to Cast if uses Gestures; -2 to skills that require use of hands, like attacks or fine manipulation) for 1d10 minutes.
27Caster’s Tongue is struck Numb (-4 to Cast if uses Incantations; -2 to any verbal related skills like many Influence Skills) for 1d10 minutes.
28Caster acquires trait Supernatural Taint (or if already has it, it becomes Blatant Supernatural Taint) (Gm assigns details)
29Delusional Effect : Caster Thinks the spell effect occurred (and is ongoing if a continuing effect) and will act accordingly
30Caster acquires trait Camera Invisibility (Magical Accident)
31Caster gains the trait Major Mystic Influences (GM assigns details)
32Caster Feels Extreme Euphoria for 1d10 minutes. -4 Defense Ranks for Physical Attacks due to lack of caution; +4 to Spirit to Defend against Fear effects during this time.
33Spell Fails. Caster Suffering from Extreme Thirst until they can drink at least 1 quart of non-alcoholic liquid. -2 to All Skills while under this effect due to distracting nature of the extreme thirst.
34Spell Fails. Caster Suffering from Extreme Hunger until they can eat at least 1 lb of food. -2 to All Skills while under this effect due to distracting nature of the hunger.
35Gate to a random planetary location within the Zamani System opens. Remains as per the duration based on the caster’s Spirit in actions.
36Spell Fails. Caster takes 1 point of Wounds and has tears of blood running down from eyes for 1d10 actions. -2 to Observation rolls with sight as main focus (including mystic sight).
37Any living plants within a 20 meter radius immediately wilt and die.
38Caster’s ears ringing for next 1d10 actions. -2 to All Skills from the distraction while this is ongoing.
39Caster is in extreme pain throughout the nerve endings of their body for the next 1d10 minutes and at -5 to all skill and attribute rolls.
40Caster’s Spirit goes Out Of Body for the next 1d10 minutes, while their body collapses unconscious.
41Caster becomes a Static Generator for next 1d10 hours. All radio and radio controlled devices will fail to work within a 20 meter radius of them due to overloading static.
42Target, if alive, gets a permanent +2 their defense against this specific spell that was being cast at them. (Spell Hardened)
43Target, if alive, gets a permanent +2 to their defense against any spell cast at them by this spell caster. (Mage Hardened)
44Random Sentient acquires trait Bad Luck Magical Accident
45Target, if alive, gets a permanent +2 to their defense against any spell cast at them by any spell caster except themselves (Magic Hardened)
46Caster Overload : Caster Stunned for next 10 actions (minute).
47Scream Of The Banshee : Anyone with Mystic Sense Hearing within 1 kilometer of the caster hears a horrible shrieking in their ears for 1 Action/Spirit of the Caster.
48Caster has drawn a graveling into their presence. Numerous attempts will be made to set up unlikely accidents around them, seeking to gain power by causing accidental deaths. Gravelings are invisible except to Mystic Sight.
49Random Being gets temporary +5 to Initiative for Actions/Spirit of Caster.
50Caster takes 1 Wound Point. Any attempt to cast a spell (successful or not) during the next hour does them an additional wound point.
51Spell Fails, but the Caster (after a few night’s sleep) will now know a spell that is a variation of the one that failed.
52Spell fails. Caster has minor nosebleed. All future castings of this particular spell will be at an increased difficulty of -2 by the caster due to minor damage to the pathways associated with this spell in their brain.
53For Caster’s Spirit in Days, anyone who angers them or directly threatens them will suddenly have minor headache (-2 Ranks to all skills for an hour)
54The Caster will have the exact Same Dream for as many night’s sleep as their Spirit attribute.
55Twisted Spell effect version occurs. (Ex: A spell designed to create light might instead produce a strobe light effect).
56Instead of expected effect, summons a creature/being from the dimensional space the spell was drawing power from (uncontrolled).
57Random Object within Caster’s area of Sight Spontaneously Combusts.
58Random Object within Caster’s area of Sight Suddenly is caked in ice.
59Random Sentient nearby becomes unable to comprehend written language symbols, they blur and dance and their eyes will not focus on them. Lasts for 1d10 hours.
60One of the Caster’s Mystic Senses temporarily blocked for the next hour.
61All food within a 10 meter radius of the target is transformed into chocolate.
62Caster Forgets the events of the past minute entirely.
63Target loses all scent for 1d10 minutes.
64All Arcane connections between the target and anything are severed.
65Caster has difficulty breathing, -6 to all rolls for 1d10 actions and can’t speak or use incantations.
66Caster acquires Double Trouble Curse as a Severe Trait.
67Extreme Joint Pain in caster’s arms and legs, can’t use gestures and at ½ Dexterity for actions including MOVE value. Lasts 1d10 actions.
68Caster suffers Rapid Aging. Roll 1d100 and minus the result from 100, then use the Action Table Skills column to determine intensity of effect and check that on the Rapid Aging damage rules.
69Spell effect fails, all cloth on the caster becomes but a pile of threads at the caster’s feet.
70The ambient temperature in a 10 meter radius area of the caster drops by 20 degrees for the next 1d10 minutes.
71The ambient temperature in a 10 meter radius area of the caster raised by 20 degrees for the next 1d10 minutes.
72Dense Fog fills the area around the caster in a 20 meter radius. Perception modifiers apply for the next 1d10 minutes.
73Eerie Magical Darkness covers the sky in a 1d10 Kilometer area, blotting out the sun, star, moons etc. Local sources of light seem to dim to a tenth of their normal strength. Lasts a random duration.
74Any summoned beings in LOS of the caster are returned to their natural plane of existence instantly and to whatever location they normally call “home”. If none exist in area then the bones of a dead random one appear.
75Magic Static : random sparks fly from caster’s body. All withing 10 meters of the caster take a wound point (no armor protection) from getting hit by sparks.
76A mysterious voice can be heard that will give a cryptic statement that may or may not be important to the characters (GM choice).
77A rain of frogs appear, dropping in a 1 KM area, from some point above. They will be alive and perfectly ordinary, but annoying to many.
78All containers, pools and bodies of water in a 1 KM area suddenly turn red with blood. If it is raining the rain will be blood. Lasts for 1d10 minutes.
79Caster Gains the unfavorable trait Disorienting Magic.
80An Anthropomorphic Personification of some sort appears and will be acting in character unto the party (Death, Chance, Fate, Nature, etc.)
81Target vanishes. Reappears in a random location within 1d100 meters.
82 Caster’s extremities become icy cold and numb for a period of time of not less than 1 minute nor more than 1 day. (-2 to Dexterity while ongoing).
83An electrical discharge from the caster arcs out at everyone else within a 30 meter radius.
84Caster gains the trait Severe Mystic Influences (GM assigns details)
85Caster gains 1 rank in the Resistance Skill of the dimensional magic type that they were trying to cast from. (See Spirit Skills).
86Temporal Displacement : Random being within LOS of the caster (or if none then the caster) vanishes and reappears in 1d10 minutes in the exact same place they were when the casting occurred. They will remember nothing of the event. Those with Shirodkari Resistance will not be effected (choose a different target, or re-roll).
87Blood Hunger : Caster has a thirst for fresh blood whenever it is smelled or tasted. They can smell fresh blood a considerable distance and must make Spirit rolls to keep from trying to quench their thirst. Re-roll this result if the character has Verazzano Resistance as they cannot get this.
88Caster has a minor nosebleed and takes 1 Wound.
89Target or Caster is at a -2 to Move, and a -2 to Stealth until the next sunrise as all surfaces they walk on are sticky for them (and them alone).
90Spell Fails. Spells drawing from the same dimensional source of this spell within a 10 meter radius of the caster’s current location will be at an additional -2 difficulty as the location has had it’s dimensional barriers strengthened permanently.
91Spell Fails. Creates Temporary Magic Dead Zone in a 10 meter radius of the caster’s current location that prevents any spell casting attempt from working (but does not affect current ongoing spells).
92Spell Fails. All other current active spells that are non-critical in a 10 meter radius of the caster’s current location, including on the caster, also immediately end.
93Spell Fails. Any currently active Spells on the caster Suddenly become critical permanent effects in regards to time scale.
94Frog Summoner : Each time the caster casts a spell from this point on, a frog will appear around them (at their feet, in their hand, on their head, etc.)
95Any magical wards or protective/defensive spells, no matter their durations, suddenly are disrupted and lose their energy in a 30 meter radius.
96The ground/floor in a 10 meter radius is suddenly covered in a layer of ordinary sand.
971d1000 low denomination coins shower down upon a 10 meter area from nowhere.
98All the color is drained out of the caster’s clothes, leaving them all a stark brilliant white permanently.
99Bird Caller : Each time the caster casts a spell from this point on a bird will appear around them (random location within 1 meter).
100Caster & all in vicinity are gated instantly into the dimensional realm that the spell they were casting was associated with (if it involves more than one then the GM chooses).

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