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Spell Design

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Spell Design


These are the basic guideline calculations that the GM should use to tally a casting difficulty on spells.

No spell can have a positive spell difficulty, the easiest spell possible is at a zero, or exactly what the skill of the character has in spellcasting.



Spell Details


Overall the details and limits combine and compound to produce a single difficulty modifier result.


Target Type


All In Area (-4)

Animal (-3)

Area : Room (-4)

Area : Structure (-6)

Area : Boundary (-8)

Multiple Targets (-2)

Plant (-2)

Object (-2)

Other Being (-4)

Other Spell ( 0)

Self ( 0)

Sub-set of Target Type** (+1)

Twice Caster Size or More* (-2)


*Does not apply to spells bought with Area already included

**Example : Only Works on Dogs (Animal Subset)




Arcane Connection Targeting Optional (-4)




Instant Effect ( 0)

Continuing (as per Spirit Duration) (-4)

Triggered By Event in Future (-6)

Repeating added to Trigger (resets) (-4)

Permanent Changes (-8)


Effect Categories


Bind or Block (-5)

Communication (-2)

Control (-6)

Creation (-8)

Destruction/Damage (-8)

Enhance (-4)

Gate (-10)

Illusion (-2)

Influence (-2)

Information ( 0)

Movement (-4)

Precognition (-8)

Protection (-4)

Repair (-4)

Retrocognition (-6)

Scrying/Distance Observation (-4)

Summoning (-8)

Teleport (-8)

Transformation (Minor Change) (-4)

Transformation (Greatly Change) (-8)


Spirit Intensity Value


Spirit/2 of Effect ( 0)

Spirit of Effect (-2)

Spirit * 2 Effect (-4)


Casting Needs & Limits


Arcane Connection Needed (+2)

Concentration (Defense 0 while cast) (+2)

Dance/Full Body Movement (+3)

Gestures (+2)

Incantations (+2)

Must Be Caster's Only Active Spell (+3)

Only Two Mystic Senses (+1)

Single Mystic Sense Only (+2)


Extra Time : Extra Action (+2)

Extra Time : Full Minute (+4)

Extra Time : Ritual (Varies) (+6)


Specific Time of Day (ex : Noon) (+4)

Specific Time, Day of Month (+6)

Specific Time, Day of Quarter (+8)

Specific Time, Day of Year (+10)


Specific Location (cemetary, beach) (+2)

Specific Location (singular) (+4)


Specific Environment, Minor (Night) (+2)

Specific Environment, Major (Storm) (+4)

Specific Environment, Severe (Eclipse) (+6)


Minor Foci/Tool (ex: Knife, Chalice) (+2)

Major Foci/Tool (ex: Altar, gemstone) (+4)

Severe Foci/Tool (ex: Relic of Saint) (+6)

Multiple Foci of type needed (+2)

Expended Foci (ex: bottle of wine) (+2)


Minor Living Sacrifice (own blood, bird) (+2)

Major Living Sacrifice (dog, virginity) (+4)

Severe Living Sacrifice (Cattle, person) (+6)

Additionals of same type needed (+2) (+2)

Specialized Sacifice Type (+2)

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