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Skin Changing

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 10 months ago

Skin Changing


(Spirit Skill)


This skill is only available to a character with the Skin Changer major favorable trait.


This is a Skill who's base is in the character's SPIRIT attribute, unlike any normal skill, and cannot be learned except thru growth and practice after infection.


If a character starts with this trait then they can invest skill ranks into it like any other skill.


Used like any other skill, except that the character's own Fitness acts as a defense against their skill. The Skill is used to transform from or to their Mystic Form. Note that they may also change against their own desire, if they fail a Fear Roll (or any other Spirit roll) or receive a Medium or greater Wound in combat.


Using their Skin Changing Skill takes 1 Round for each point of Fitness the character has. Uncontrolled changes also take as long, and cannot be interrupted by any means once begun.


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