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Skill Lists

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 10 months ago

Skill Lists


The following skill lists are for characters who are from the World Of Jarro or who have been educated in Jarro. Characters from the other worlds of Zamani may have access to shorter lists, or specialized skills associated with their world.


In some cases sub-lists of skills are used and a link set up next to the category entry. A description of the details of each skill in the lists is planned to eventually be added to the wiki for ease of understanding. Additional Skills can be added to these lists if needed.


The Skill lists are organized alphabetically, within the category of which attribute acts as the base talent for the skills.


Individual Skills marked with a # symbol on the lists are those skills that default to the base attribute and which actual skill levels can be learned thru practice as well as from a teacher or book learning.


Primary Skill Lists:


Sub-Lists & Special Lists:

Comments (2)

Dave said

at 4:34 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Alright, it is time for that commentary on skill-attribute pairings that I've been threatening. I'll put the lists of suggested changes under each attribute sub-heading. Not all of the noted skill changes feel as necessary as others, but I'll include them for completeness.

Dave said

at 7:43 pm on Aug 18, 2006

I have now put in my two cents for a whole bunch of skills. To sum-up: my suggestions would lead to 1 more creativity skill, 5 fewer dexterity skills, 2 more Fitness skills, 7 more Influence skills, and 3 fewer Logic skills, or thereabouts. The number is a little fuzzy, since some of my comments suggest multiple possibilities for attibutes, some are just nitpicky, and because I'm only counting Languages as one skill. In general, I have tried to suggest that most similar skills be grouped together with the same stat. For example, stealth, concealment and ambush would all be in Creativity, instead of Dexterity, Logic, and Fitness.

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