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Severe Mystic Influences

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 3 months ago

Severe Mystic Influences (Severe Unfavorable Trait)


Your character has suffered a severe magical setback, incident, accident or weird revelation. There's something strange that goes on with their magic randomly, where it doesn't always produce the expected results, or is harder to perform against certain targets or situations or when there are outside influences that cannot be explained easily by the methods they know.


This sometimes works in their favor, but often is a hinderance waiting to happen. Over time you might figure out the details of what is going on, but right now you don't know and the GM isn't going to tell you but will know and tracks it secretly.


It is definite proof, in many ways, that magic in Zamani is an Art and not a Science, since it produces for your character irreproducible results.


To Take this trait your character MUST have the Spellcasting skill and belong to one of the Mystic Paths. It cannot be taken at the same time as Minor Mystic Influences or Major Mystic Influences.

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