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Sentient Inhabitants

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Sentient Inhabitants of Zamani



Humans :


One of the most surprising sentient people found in Zamani are the ‘brothers of man’. When, how and why there developed the presence of humans in these worlds is one of the great puzzles facing the alien scientists.


Some believe that the humans found here may have been transplanted from Earth when the Sindarians built the gate in that system to this system (which would have occurred long before recorded history of mankind), perhaps to preserve humanity from extinction during Earth’s period of rampant ice ages.


Others have speculated that maybe humanity started here in Zamani and were brought to Earth, or that somehow they independently evolved in both locales somehow, or that humans from Zamani migrated to Earth on their own using now forgotten concepts of magic. In any event they are found in the worlds, and dominate much of the inhabited parts of Jarro which appears to be their starting point.


The large quantity of apparent parallel evolution or information exchange between star systems so

drastically apart from each other (and with no record of such contact or exchange prior to the past fifty years since the Harmonic Alliance's arrival in the system) is one of the many puzzles facing scientists studying Zamani and the native scientists themselves.


Chandanaka :


A once believed mythological race, small numbers of this mammalian humanoid species with adaptive Cellular structure and DNA that allows them to immitate other humanoids with access to a sample of their DNA. (Skin, organs, or major fluids.)


The Chandanaka can be either male or female at will. They are rarely found in more than small families, hidden among other populations cultures. They can either mate with other Chandanaka or implant a single parent zygot into a female of another mammalian species to incubate their young while in a male form of that species.


The Chandanaka are distrusted, feared, or discriminated in many places, sufficiently that many hide their true nature for decade or spend much of their lives traveling and avoiding staying in one community too long.


Note that their shapeshifting requires conscious effort, so that unconscious or asleep they revert to their true form.


They can shapeshift into a variety of humanoid mammalian shapes of similar mass, replicating the form to all forms of natural sight, touch, smell/taste with imitation ability using the Disguise Skill & Acting to duplicate specific individuals. It takes A full turn (1 minute, 10 rounds) taking no other actions to change form, and it requires physical contact with DNA of the species to shapeshift into.


They have Longevity living 400 Years on average and Immunity to All Zootoxins. They are discriminated against in many places if their true race/species is known. Being A Chandanaka is a Major Favorable Trait


Isari :


A humanoid mammalian species found originally on the World Of Latoura, but having now some population living on Jarro. The Isari are natural amphibians, but are technologically quite primitive compared to most of the human cultures in Zamani.


They have a second transparent eyelid that protects their eyes from the seawater, gills as well as lungs. They can breathe underwater; are safe in high pressure and intense cold). They have webbed hands and feet, getting +4 to their Move while swimming. They only have a limited technology understanding, advanced powered devices are generally outside their knowledge (maximum Education attribute of 8).



Malik :


A humanoid mammalian species found on the World Of Ornico as the primary species, but also found in Jarro and the World Of Kamande. The Malik are small of build and short (3-4' height) with hollow bones reinforced by Cartilage, larger ears, strong leg muscles, and expanded vocal chord range.


They can only have a Maximum Fitness of 7 but they can start with a Dexterity as much as 13. They have racial longevity, living 400 years on Average and have natural healing of their wounds at 1 wound point per minute of rest taken.


They have powerful rear legs that allow them to leap great heights, as if they had +5 to their Fitness and they have very keen ears that give them a +2 Ranks for all Hearing Based Observation rolls. Being a Malik is a Severe Favorable Trait


Ombra :


The Ombra are the tough resilient people of the World Of Drallion. They are warm blooded egglaying

hairless monotremes humanoids with greenish skin and dark green blood (thanks to the copper levels of that world.)


They are generally tougher and stronger than humans, their maximum Fitness at start is 15. They have naturally dense muscle & bone structure that acts as if they had permanent Armor 3.


They are skilled at sandwalking, taking no movement penalties in that environment. They are safe in intense heat, have immunity to fungal infections, and natural nightvision. They do suffer from a limited technology understanding of most advanced machinery such as combustion vehicles, and cannot take at start the skills of Driving, Motor Bike, Parachuting, Piloting, Security Systems, Rifle, Pistol, Communication Technology or any of the Science Skills. Being a Ombra is a Major Favorable Trait


They generally should be extremely rare on the other worlds.


Wyrdlings :


The Wyrdlings are also called the Nightlings or the Harvin (this last being what they call themselves). They are a humanoid people, mammalian, and bear a lot in common with humans in outward appearance. They are a large minority on Jarro.


They have natural Nightvision, six digits to each hand and foot and are fully ambidexteritous (and can have up to a 12 Dexterity at Start). They have a limited Longevity of about 200 years. They They suffer from Light Sensitive Eyes, -2 ranks on sight Observation related rolls in bright light. They prefer a nocturnal lifestyle in most cases. Being a Wyrdling is a Minor Favorable Trait

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