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Priests Of The Enlightened Nine

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Priests Of The Enlightened Nine


These are mystically trained acolytes, scholars and priests associated with the Temple Of The Enlightened Nine, one of the major religions in Jarro. Generally most Priests are devoted to a specific deity within the pantheon as their 'Patron Deity' but is expected to pay honor, respect and homage to the other deities within the pantheon.


The Gods and Goddesses Of The Pantheon:


Ballarat : God of Dignity, Honor and Social Stability. He Who Governs and Advises Those Who Govern.

Dalamise : Goddess of Nature, Fertility, Farming, Passion, and the Cycle Of Life.

Ikuwa : Goddess of Light, The Dawn, Fire, Death and Judgement

Jorna : God of Safe Travel by Sea, Land or Air. Patron of Merchants and Messengers.

Kaelo : God of Wisdom, Truth and Preservation of Knowledge. Patron of Libraries, Scribes & Lawkeepers.

Lythan : God of Crafts and Tranquility in the Home.

Trilby : God of Warriors, Protector of Civilization By Armed Defense, Teacher of Courage.

Welo : Goddess of The Visual and Performance Arts. Bringer Of Change. Trickster and Temptress.

Zia : Goddess of Wisdom Applied. Healer, Builder and Architect Of Society.

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