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(Minor Unfavorable Trait)


A character with this trait has a number of false and derrogatory beliefs about people of a specific species, sub-species group, nationality, skin color, profession, educational background, age, class, sexual orientation, unusual sexual practices, regional area, culture or religious/mystic group.


They will act upon this prejudice toward whatever detail sub-group that they have these beliefs for, and will even directly insult, speak publically about or act condenscending about, and may also discriminate against such or avoid contact or involvement with such persons.




"You know what they say about gravediggers and morticians! Dirty, Filthy Unclean people. They carry diseases! Shouldn't be allowed in a resteraunt with decent folks like us!"


"Why would I trust a woman to handle money? They Can't Do math!"


"Bellarians! Evil, manipulating sneaky invaders! They just want to control the world!"


Generally a character with this trait will not be prejudice against a category of beings that they themselves are a member of. Multiple takings of this trait is possible. If a character is going to have 5 or more prejudices then they should be merged into a single prejudice trait at Major Unfavorable value.


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