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Place Of Severe Power

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Place Of Severe Power (Severe Favorable Trait)


A character with this trait must be a spellcaster of some sort. A Severe place of power is a gateway to a sanctuary, shrine, temple, grove, or other location on one of the upper dimensional planes. The character can use for magical study, practice, design and efforts outside of the prying eyes of the unenpowered and unenlightened.


The Place primarily exists on the other dimension, in normal Space/Time it is linked to a small spot, such as a doorway, gate, arch, or even an object (such as a painting, mirror, etc.)


In the other dimension it may be of a size from a small one room shelter or grove to as large as an ornate multi-story building, temple, manor house etc. A maximum of an acre in size in aproximate size.


While within it the character has a +6 to thier SPIRIT for all rolls and calculations. They also have a +6 to their Base for all Mystic Skills (Spellcasting, Mystic Creatures, Mystic Places, etc.) while within the place of power.


Only mystic senses can detect the gateway on the normal dimensional space, and this at a -6 (-30%) by anyone except the creator of the gateway. Nothing of the other side of the gateway can be seen from normal dimensional space.


The being who's place it is will also be aware of the entrance into their place of power by anyone besides themselves (or the departure of such), no matter where they are, and they will be able to perceive that being in their minds eye as clear as if they were present and using their normal senses.


A character can only have a single place of power. Svere places of power will outlast their creators, and it is possible to find one left behind by someone who has died and retune it to oneself with great effort.


The gateway into a place of power can be atuned to allow easy discovery and access by specific others, if the owner so desires, by means of a password, token or in some cases naming magic.


Severe places of power are almost impossible to lose or destroy, it would take a major diva or a very powerful spellcaster to damage or destroy it. If a character was to have such happen the shock generally

will kill them.


It is possible to add an extra gateway to the place, either temporarily (thru a spell) or thru a special

minor trait Extra Entrance that only applies to Severe places of power. Thus if access to a locale is lost a new gateway entrance can be established.


If the creator dies then their place of power will remain, and may be claimed by another mage. Some mages leave such places to students or relatives upon their deaths. Various atunement methods exist to claim a place of severe power left by a dying owner.


On the other dimension the space will have some defenses against intrusion or magical assault, and basically defends against spells etc as if it was the spellcaster. If the space receives damage from such, that damage is reflected on the caster it is linked to. Hurt the place, hurt the owner. The place is slightly obscured in the other dimension as well by -6 from perceptions (30%) as an additional protection. The owner may augnment the locale with spells, guardians etc. to prevent damage or deal with the risk of intrusion.


This trait cannot be taken at the same time as Place Of Minor Power or Place Of Major Power.


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