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Pirate Born

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Pirate Born


(Minor Favorable Trait)


A character with this trait was born in Jarro on Cardova and is the son or daughter of a pirate. They may or may not have been actually involved in piracy trade themselves at a young age, but they definitely are born under the mark of the isle and have all the advantages and problems this can bring.


Generally the pirates are a mixed group in regards to national origins and even species. They generally don't have higher education access, and only a rare few from the isle practice any form of magic (and that almost never religious in nature).


Being marked means that they will be recognized if they are arrested and searched by authorities in much of the world, and the price for having that mark in many countries (like Belgravia) is death. Removing the mark takes a lot of work (though such is not impossible with magic).


The mark means that the character does not need, while so marked, to fear most slavers or pirates themselves, as the pirates will avoid doing such to their own. It also means that they have less to fear than most if they must go to Cardova again for any reason. Since Cardova is a place where a lot of things can be bought and sold that you can't buy elsewhere, this can be useful.


If a player chooses to be an Unmarked pirate they will lose the advantages of the mark in regards to other pirates and slavers, but also the disadvantage regarding it and the law in most cases.


A character with this trait gets automatically a +3 Skill ranks to the skills Boating, Area Knowledge : Cardova, Cultural Knowledge : Pirates, Trading, Swimming and Streetwise.


This trait cannot be taken with the traits Saddle Born, College Degree, College Faculty, Wealthy Family, Motion Sickness or Knight Of Secrets. No religious magical paths may be taken with this trait as well.


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