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Within the Zamani rules, a phobia is something that produces an enhanced probability of a fear reaction in a character. This is not necessarily a clinically diagnosed/identified fear, and is not necessarily unprovoked or unreasonable.


Mechanically it means that when they encounter their phobia they get a fear roll vs it, even if it is something that normally does not cause a fear roll for other characters.


Phobias may be Minor or Major Unfavorable Traits, depending on the frequency a roll may be needed to be made, or how common the thing they are afraid of is in the general environment or probable activities of the character.


You cannot have a Phobia for something that you already have a Hardened Reaction trait to.


Minor Phobias

*Aeroacrophobia (Open High Places - Like Rooftops)

*Ailurophobia (Felines)

*Alliumphobia (Garlic)

*Arachnophobia (Spiders)

*Astraphobia (Thunder & Lightning)

*Aviophobia (Flying)

*Belonephobia (Pins & Needles)

*Bufonophobia (Toads & Frogs)

*Catoptrophobia (Mirrors)

*Claustrophobia (Small Enclosed Spaces)

*Coimetrophobia (Cemeteries)

*Coulrophobia (Clowns)

*Cynophobia (Dogs & Other Canines)

*Dementophobia (Fear of Going Insane, and Insane People)

*Demophobia (Crowds of People)

*Entomophobia (Insects)

*Equinophobia (Horses)

*Gephydrophobia (Crossing Over Bridges)

*Iatrophobia (Medical Doctors & Dentists)

*Ichthyphobia (Fish)

*Necrophobia (Dead Bodies)

*Nyctophobia (Complete Darkness)

*Ondontophobia (Teeth, and being bitten)

*Ophidiophobia (Snakes)

*Ornithophobia (Birds)

*Pediphobia (Children)

*Scoleciphobia (Worms)

*Spectrophobia (Ghosts)

*Taphephobia (Being Buried Alive)


Major Phobias

*Acrophobia (Heights)

*Acousticophobia (Loud Noises)

*Agraphobia (Sexual Abuse)

*Agrizoophobia (Wild Animals)

*Algophobia (Pain)

*Androphobia (Males)

*Aquaphobia (Bodies Of Water and Drowning)

*Aurophobia (Gold - the metal)

*Ballistophobia (Firearms & Bullets)

*Bibliophobia (Books)

*Botanophobia (Plants, Living ones)

*Coitophobia (Fear of Sexual Activity)

*Dendrophobia (Trees, Living)

*Divaphobia (Higher Dimensional Beings)

*Doraphobia (Fur & Hair)

*Eosophobia (Dawn and Daylight)

*Gynephobia (Women)

*Hematophobia (Blood, Bleeding)

*Monophobia (Being Alone)

*Noctophobia (Night and that which lurks in it)

*Pyrophobia (Fire, Being Burned)

*Xenophobia (Aliens or Anything to do with Aliens, other-dimensional beings or foreigners)

*Zoophobia (Animals, Living)


Minor Favorable Traits * Minor Unfavorable Traits * Major Favorable Traits * Major Unfavorable Traits * Trait Lists

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