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(Minor Unfavorable Trait)


Pessimists always see the bad side of things in life, they have a certain amount of distrust of good fortune and a tendency to caution in how they interact with the world. They assume that some part of the Universe is out to get them, and have difficulty in achieving their life goals as they feel they are unobtainable except with a lot of work, pain and worry.


Often Pessimists are perfectionist personalities who have become frustrated with their lack of achieving perfection as they perceive it. They get a -2 to the base of all Creativity Skills as they easily frustrate and give up when things don't go the way they want to.


Pessimists also tend to judge others as they see the universe, so they are at a +2 ranks (+10%) to their rolls to avoid the effects of Persuasion, Seduction, or Conversation skill used against them.


This trait should not be taken at the same time as Bitter Personality.


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