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Passionate Love

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Passionate Love


(Major Unfavorable Trait)


A character with this trait is in love, deeply and passionately with another character. This affects their behavior around that character, their actions and their choices. The character may be either a player character or a supporting character, and may or may not have a passionate love for them as well.


Characters that have passionate love will want to be with the other character as much as is reasonably possible. When they are in the company of their love, they will be at a +2 to all Creativity Skills, Influence Skills and the use of the Spellcasting skill. When they are away from their love for a day or more they will be at a -2 to all these skills as well.


If their loved one is endangered, threatened or harmed they may become irrational, over protective, over reactive or just over emotional in general.


If someone or something takes their love away from them (such as kidnapping them) they are likely to become single minded in trying to recover them.


If their love is ignored, or not returned in kind, they may become jealous, irritable or disgruntled.


If their love is lost, killed or departs their life this may become the trait World Weary or perhaps Overdeveloped Sense Of Vengeance.


This trait can't be taken, of course, at the same time as Secret Crush, World Weary or Overdeveloped Sense Of Vengeance.


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