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(Minor Unfavorable Trait)


A character with this trait has no parents, and often has no contact with any living relatives (if any) in the world. They have been brought up by a remote relative, or within an orphanage, or may be a foster child. They have a part of their past that is missing, possibly a tragic history, and some abandonment issues to deal with in their personality.


They may have trouble establishing relationships with others in general, or may just have problems with either not forming attachments to people ("They always Go Away") or forming very possessive relationships when they do (strong jealousy reactions etc.)


Socially, in the setting, being an orphan can have some stigma attached to it, if known, even if one was adopted and brought up in a normal family situation.


This trait should not be taken at the same time as Meddling Relatives, except with GM permission and a sufficiently explaining character backstory.

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