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New Galt

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New Galt (City Of)


A bustling port city of a million people located in the northern part of the Republic of New Lutetia. It is the second biggest city in population in the country. Known for it’s towering business district, diverse population and technological wonders.


The City has a sophisticated road system, sewers and running water, electricity, a sophisticated public transit system of surface based electric streetcars, and access to freight heavy rail. It also has several small airports to be found in it's outer suburbs, and an airship port located on Prestige Island in the harbor. Ferry service provides access to the harbor islands.


City Neighborhoods


*Astorville Precinct

*Dorin's Maze Precinct

*Flanders Hill Precinct

*Gramacy Precinct

*Shoreline Precinct

*Warrendale Precinct




*Corwin's Wood






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