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Limited Diet

Page history last edited by Joseph Teller 14 years ago

Limited Diet


(Minor Unfavorable Trait)


A character with this trait has restrictions that the general population considers weird, or which specifically can cause some level of difficulty obtaining food or carrying out social activity based around food.


This trait includes Vegetarianism, Carnivorism, Requiring their food to be ritually prepared, inability to eat a wide range of common foods because of allergies or religious restrictions (ex: Shellfish, cloven animals, etc.) or requires them to only eat specific types of foods on specific days or times (ex: fish only on the 1st day of each week, bird eggs only after dark, etc.)


This may give them a negative modifier in certain social situations, cause them to spend extra time in obtaining food or expend extra money. In some circumstances it may lead to stress situations, or even situations where they may have to fast for long periods of time if their needed food requirements cannot be met.


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