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The Legacy Campaign


“Who Am I? Who Are You? What Are We Doing In This Handbasket?”



Earnest J. Morgan is a name that has been a part of your life for many years. After the tragic death of your parents during your childhood you were scared, traumatized, and found yourself destined to suffer life in an orphanage or a series of foster homes. Mr. Morgan’s philanthropy changed this.


E.J. Morgan had a reputation in business as having a shrewd mind, an ability to understand what people wanted and needed and how to make himself wealthy in giving them what they wanted. He had come from impoverished roots himself, and dragged himself up by his own bootstraps to become a wealthy, if eccentric, millionaire.


He obviously wanted to make the world a better place, and would choose individuals who life had unfairly tread upon and give them a chance to rise up and make something of themselves. He felt you were just such an individual and saw to your care and an education to encourage whatever talents you may have shown at such an early age.


Thanks to him, in many ways, you are the person you are today. He allowed you to pursue your interests, develop your own life, learn about the world and hoped that you would want to give back to the world one day as he had when you would one day become successful.


He spent a lot of time shuffling between his townhouse, his country estate, his summer beach house, his hunting lodge in the mountains and the major capital cities of the world on various business trips. You saw him only a few times a year really, but there was always a present on your birthday, a small trust fund to pay for your schooling needs, servants to take care of you and mysterious boxes arriving with new trinkets, art pieces and dusty old books for his various collections with postage and labels from distant lands and occasionally alien worlds.


Unfortunately the best laid plans of millionaire philanthropists can go astray just like anyone else’s. In this case time has caught up with E.J. Morgan and your future is about to become very uncertain.


Three weeks ago, E.J. Morgan was found dead from the poisonous bite of a Corpse Viper that had somehow escaped it’s terrarium in his townhouse in the middle of the night. The wake was held two weeks ago, where you got to meet a host of people that he had helped over the years, employees and their families who had served his businesses and his own flesh and blood relatives.


Last week you received a letter by courier from his lawyers of the firm of Menzies, Hemmingway and Long, informing you that there would be a reading of his will and settling of the estate. Each of you, as well as any beneficiaries, are expected to attend. Failure to do so was to abandon any and all claim to any properties, funding, messages or recognition from his legacy.


This is where our story will begin. At E.J. Morgan ‘s townhouse in the bustling metropolis of New Galt, 7pm in the evening of the reading of the Will.


Campaign Notes:


Besides the information regarding the worlds of Zamani, and the special rules for creating characters under Hero for the setting, the following special campaign notations should be made.


Your character must fit within the above story frame, and be somewhere between 15 and 30 years of age at start (sorry, no older characters or younger ones for the start of this campaign).


Character can be of any of the native races (no non-Zamani Aliens at this point), but if you play a character who’s race normally has a disadvantage of being technologically limited that limitation should be removed from the character as having been bought off thru education at the hands of E.J. Morgan.


Your character can be of any gender or sexual orientation, but if you play a character that is not of your own gender or orientation please be sure to play them as a real person, not some stereotype of gender that you may have picked up from tv or movies as such are rarely true in real life.


No characters with hatred or contempt for any specific gender or sexual orientation, please. It is also best to avoid racial hatreds in setting (though it is possible to have appropriate dislikes to specific nations or governments).


Characters with Bloodlust, Enraged, Battle Lust or similar traits are inappropriate. No major criminal records, government agents, foreign spies, policemen, or mercenaries please. All characters must skill in the Language Lutetian, but do not have to be native speakers.


Characters might be related to each other (pair of siblings) if both players want such (and can even have a ‘twin mindlink’ if so desired). No other relationships at start (or love interests) between the PCs at start. No DNPCs or followers at start, except animal companions, a familiar, or a personal servant.


You are expected to bring your player handout binder to all sessions and to keep the current paper copy of your character in it.

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