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Page history last edited by Joseph Teller 14 years, 1 month ago

Law (Logic Skill)


Technically this should not be a single skill, but a collection of related skills (Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Property Law, etc.) and additionally be broken down by country. This would be too burdensome in most cases, and require a level of character and GM detail to the setting and rules that would take a game outside the genre aspects that Zamani is aimed at.


Instead a single skill is being used, and assuming that a legal training program would include the seperate categories of law. A character that practices in a speicific category (ex: Criminal Law) would simply take that as their 'favorite use' option on the skill.


If dealing with the legal system outside your home country a character will be at -3 ranks, outside their home continent -5 ranks and outside their home planet at -10 ranks to success. This basically assumes that there are some vague similar principles that can be applied to how legal system work on some level in all locales in the setting.


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