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Jarro Geography

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General Information


Jarro is a planet with many Earth-like features and properties. The Aliens believe that it was heavily terraformed and that there are some unusual machines at work, hidden inside the planet itself, in remote regions, or under it's seas, and within it's three moons, that are maintaining certain aspects.


The native inhabitants, who do not believe in such great machines and who have not seen anything resembling such, believe that the gods have set some magics in place that are intervening in their favor. So far, in both cases, all that is available is the two theories, or a combination of the two. There is no physical proof for either theory as yet.


The Climate of the planet is one of those features that seems to be under modification, keeping it from any drastic changes over the past 20,000 years, according to examination of core samplings and other tests. No ice ages, no excessive global warming, not even any excessive build up of industrial pollutants like various gases and airborne particles are occurring.


Volcanic activity is also quite low, though minor tectonic shifting seems to occur regularly.


The planetary moons have evidently prevented any large amount of meteoric impacts on the planet's surface as well over the period of inhabitance.


The Continents of Jarro are:

  • Avira (Both Northern & Southern Hemispheres)
  • Borchia (Southern Hemisphere)
  • Lutetia (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Urnara (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Zira (Near Equatorial/Southern Hemishphere)


Major Islands of Jarro are:


The Major Seas of Jarro are:


The Countries Of Jarro are:



The Moons Of Jarro are:


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