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Jarro Calendar

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Jarro Calendar



Astronomically, the Jarro year is approx. 390 days long and those days have 26 hours to them of 60 minutes each. The planet's daily rotation period is slower than that of Earth, and it is slightly further from it's sun. There is a slight wobble to the planetary orbit, and this means that the year can vary slightly in length by as much as an hour and that any calendar must be corrected from time to time if you desire complete accuracy.


The Wobble appears to be caused by the orbits of it's three moons and the planet's own shape (A bit like an elongated egg).


This said, there have actually been a number of calendars developed by the inhabitants over the centuries.


The Lutetian Republic Calendar appears to be the most accurate, with 13 months and 30 days to each month and 5 weeks of 6 days each within a month. It is identical to that of the Belgravian Republic in design, but uses different names for days of the week and months of the year.




New Lutetia dates it's calendar based on it's independence, making 2505 ECE is it's current 229 LR.


Months Of The Year


There are 13 months to the year of 5 weeks each. The year traditionally begins with the dawn after the Winter Solstice.


Northern Spring/Southern Fall


Nar Horsht

Nar Fenara

Nar Glaus


Northern Summer/Southern Winter


Del Alcala

Del Bendico

Del Shandara

Del Zule


Northern Fall/Southern Spring


Kili Winsover

Kili Farlcor

Kili Vilwind


Northern Winter/Southern Summer


Parla Jaxar

Parla Indara

Parla Thundra


Days Of The Week


There are 6 days of the week, 5 weeks to the month.


The work week, for most common jobs, is 4 days on, 2 days off, though the actual pattern will differ depending on the business and the way it chooses to operate. The work day length varies, again depending on the position, but many are commonly 10 hours long.


Clocks & Time


Time is broken down into 26 hours of 60 minutes each. This is broken down into 2 cycles of 13 on most clocks.


For simplicity's sake these are referred to as AM and PM in the concepts of Earth Analog time for players (going from 1 to 13 o'clock).


In reality the locals measure time based on the orbit of Kalish, one of the three moons, as seen from equator, which has an orbit that takes it around the planet in a nearly perfect 26 hour cycle so that it rises, zeniths and sets at the same time each day no matter the season.

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