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Item Of Major Power

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Item Of Major Power


A character with this trait owns an object, usually portable, that has been imbused with some magic critically or thru the aid/source of a deva.


The item will duplicate the ability of a spell of difficulty -6 to -10, with a spirit rating of 5+1d10 (Gm Rolls) for effectiveness; or two spells of 0 to -5 difficulty and identical spirit rating; and give it's owner a +2 to Spirit for spell casting results of any spell. Exactly what the item is and what spell(s) it has should be discussed with the GM, who has the final say in design regarding it. The item does NOT have to be from the character's own Mystic Path.


An item of this power level should have a story associated with it that both brought it to the character, who made it and probably lead into a more complex story or plot (the details of it should be collaborated, at least in part, with the GM).


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