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The healing of wounds in Zamani is treated in simple and somewhat abstract manner in order to keep bookkeeping to a minimum and the pacing of the game reasonable. This does mean that healing is handled in a less than realistic manner.


In the Zamani setting there are no bacterial infections to worry about, so combat damage generally heals far more rapidly than occurs on Earth. Characters receive basically 1 point of Wound Healing for each 8 hours of rest. Some traits can modify this rate (such as Rapid Healing).


A character with Physician Skill, and appropriate medical supplies, can treat try to treat a wound within an hour of the injury and speed the process. If they fail then they will injure the person for another point of damage and no further attempts at helping them can be made. If they succeed then the degree of success will give them one time immediate extra healing results (Take the result level of the skill roll and multiply it by 1 to see how much extra healing they will produce, thus a range of 1 to 5 points of healing can be achieved thru the Physician aid).


When using the Physician skill it's important to remember that the GM may inflict reductions to a character's skills based on the Penalties List.

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