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Gargoyle (Lesser Diva, Aphranius)


Gargoyles are denizens of the 7th dimension, Aphranius. They are generally perceived as groutesque humanoid creatures of about half human size with bat-like wings. They have a rough course skin that is the color and texture of many types and grades of stone (similar to granite).


There are male, female, hermaphrodite and neuter gender gargoyles. Gargoyles do not appear to be capable of reproducing with other beings, and culturally have no interest sexually in other species. Their females appear to go thru an animal like 'heat' once a year that lasts for 4 to 6 weeks.


Gargoyles on the lower dimensions are generally there because they have been summoned or bound by someone. There is an intrinsic hostility by them when this occurs, as they prefer their own native dimension (unlike the Timi who willingly enjoy being brought from their native plane). They will do what is asked of them, and no more, and will not generally take ininitiave in any situation. Unless ordered to defend them, a Gargoyle will simply sit and watch whoever summoned them/bound them get killed without warning by an attacker as this will free them instantly to return to their home dimension.


Gargoyles are tougher than they look, can fly/glide, have nasty claws on hands and feet (weapon value 2).


They all possess Mystic Perceptions (Sight and Smell/Taste). They have no Resource Attribute. Gargoyles cannot take spellcasting skills. A character can take the Bound Minor Diva Trait multiple times and have multiple Gargoyles at the same time.


Like most creatures, Gargoyles still need to eat, sleep, drink etc.


The Usual Attributes of a Gargoyle are:


Creativity 3 Dexterity 10 Fitness 8 Influence 1 Logic 1 Spirit 5 Education 5.

Wounds : 50 Armor : 10 Move : 23f/18g Skill Ranks : 100


Area Knowledge : Aphranius 30%+

KS : Mystic Creatures : 25%+ (Fav Use = Aphranius)

Brawling : 50% + Skill Ranks (Other Skills Possible)


General Racial Traits :


Favorable : Claws, Flight, Hard To Kill, Mystic Heritage, Mystic Sense (Smell/Taste), Natural Major Armor


Unfavorable : Blatent Supernatural Taint, Grudge Keeper, Loathsome, Sinks Like A Stone, Summonable

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