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Fear And Sanity


A Fear or Sanity effect roll is made for a variety of reasons in Zamani. Some mystic creatures and magic spells exude a subliminal fear invoking sound, smell or appearance. Other times something is so unnatural and unpleasant that they can produce fear effects.


It is also possible that a character with a Phobia will encounter a things, creature or situation that sets off their natural fear reaction.


Fear is defended against by the Spirit attribute, plus any specialized traits that may protect or reduce their defense (like a Phobia).


If the Fear effect fails against the character, then the character will be temporarily immune to the effect for the next hour and will automatically defend completely against it during that time.


If the cause of the failed Fear effect is not a spell or phobia but a creature, object or unsuual situation then they will have a +2 to Spirit for any further encounters with another creature, object or situation that is similar from then on , as they gain the minor favorable trait Hardened Reaction.


If the Fear effect succeeds, the Level of Success applies. They will get no further effects for re-applicatiosn of fear within the same hour by the same source. Effects last either for the duration of the spell (in the case of magic) or for as long as they are in the presence of the cause of the fear.


L   Result =  Character is at a -2 to all Skill & Attribute Rolls, and -2 to All Defenses.

M  Result =  Character Panics and tries to Flee in any direction possible.

If they can't then at a -4 to all Skill Rolls & All Defenses.

H  Result =  Character Loses Control of Bladder, Laughs/Cries/Screams/Giggles Hysterically.

Unable to Act, except to defend self, for minute. Then as if reaction was L.

X  Result =  Character Temporarily Paralyzed with Fear. New roll next round if cause is still present/active.

Gains permanent Phobia to the cause if not a spell.

C  Result =  Character Faints. Unconscious for 10 Rounds.

If cause still present then gets new fear roll on awakening.

C! Result =  Character In Complete Shock. Remains standing but unaware of surroundings, in complete temporary state of amnesia.

Fitness check, needs an 'M', for recovery every 10 rounds. Permanent Loss of 1 point of Fitness (including wounds).

Gains trait Nightmares.


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