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Drug Addiction

Page history last edited by Joseph Teller 14 years ago

Drug Addiction


(Major Unfamiliar Trait)


A character with this trait has a serious physical and mental addiction to a drug, usually a narcotic of some sort (though possibly a pain killer or an amphetamine). They regularly imbue it, get cravings for it when they don't have it, may become manic or even violent when they don't have it (and may develop paranoia or other side effects).


This reduces the character's starting funds by 1 resource point at start, to presume that they have enough supply of it on hand at the start of the game to get them thru the next two weeks. They'll need to spend an equivilant amount to acquire it (if not more).


Some drugs degrade the character's effectiveness while on it, others simply produce a euphoric effect or make them overconfident or lazy. The player and the GM should work out the nature of the addiction and the drug's effects before play begins.


This will be a constant drag on the character's wealth, even though in Zamani most drugs are legal in most countries (there are exceptions), there are availability issues involved.


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