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Distracting Beauty

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Distracting Beauty


(Major Favorable Trait)


In order to take this trait a character must have a value of at least 7 in both their Fitness attribute and their Influence Attribute.


Whenever a character is making a skill challenge (or attack) against them, who is themselves do not have this trait and do not have the trait of Blindness or Sexually Dysfunctional, they gain a +1 rank to their defense value. This becomes a +2 if they are nude or nearly nude at the time.


If the character is performing an action themselves against someone (including attacks) their opponent is -1 rank in defense, -2 if this acting character is nude or nearly nude at the time (with the same limits regarding Blindness and Sexually Dysfunctional.


The exceptions in both cases are use of spellcasting skills, which are unaffected by this ability; and when either of the beings involved are non-sentient, magical constructs, non-human aliens, undead or inhabitants of one of the upper dimensions.


A character with this trait cannot have the traits Bitter Personality, Brutish, Cadaverous Looks, Missing Eye, Lame, Loathsome, Lost Leg, Parapalegic, Sexually Dysfunctional or any other trait that would reduce their body mobility, function or appearance.


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