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Dexterity Skills

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 11 months ago

Dexterity Skills


Skills marked with a # after them automatically default to the Dexterity Attribute if the character lacks the actual skill.


Acrobatics #


Blades Light #

Blades Heavy #



Contortionist #


Dropping #

Fast Draw

Fire Eating

Hang Gliding


Lock Picking



Pistol #

Rifle #


Staff #

Stealth #

Thrown Weapons #



Comments (8)

Dave said

at 5:30 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Fire Eating - This also seems like a Fitness skill, though I can't claim to have a true understanding of this skill. Though I imagine precision is important, I would think that the conditioning might be more difficult. Or maybe that's sword-swallowing.

Dave said

at 5:34 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Jewelry Making - While this may require some fine manual dexterity, particularly the gem-cutting, shouldn't the overall skill go with the other artistic skills? And wouldn't that mean Creativity? Or possibly Logic?

Dave said

at 5:36 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Leathercrafts - This really seems like it belongs with either Creativity or Logic, depending on the focus between artistic versus functional.

Dave said

at 5:39 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Massage - I would put this with the Influence skills. I think it's really more about empathy and bedside manner rather than precision.

Dave said

at 5:46 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Parachuting - Maybe this could be a Fitness skill? It's sort of about being able to manipulate one's body while wearing a lot of gear and enduring significant forces from awkward directions. I see it as closer to skills like climbing, mountaineering, or even riding rather than, say, dancing. Though I can still sort of see it as a Dexterity skill.

Dave said

at 5:49 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Staff - This is one of those skills that starts to fall into the gap between the Dexterity weapon skills and the Fitness skills. It's really not that different from Halberd weapons, and I thing the main difference is the type of characters in fiction that use them. So this could be a Fitness skill.... maybe.

Dave said

at 6:01 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Stealth - I actually really think this should be a Creativity skill, even though almost every other RPG system known to man has stealth as a Dexterity. Why? Because being sneaky is all about being clever with where you put your body: less about about slowly you put your foot down, and more about where you put it. Remember playing hide n' seek as a kid? Yeah. It's all about inventively adapting to your environment.

Joseph Teller said

at 11:38 pm on Aug 23, 2006

I've been thru the skill lists now and applied many of Dave's ideas into the choices and details. - Thanks again for the feedback.

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