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Creativity Skills

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 10 months ago

Creativity Skills


Although creativity skills may involve the use of dexterity or memorization of formulas/patterns in some way to achieve their ends, they are skills that require imagination, intuition and tapping into the sub-conscious and collective unconsciousness on some level as well.


Ambush #






Conjuring (Not a magic skll!)



Conspiracy Theory




Erotic Arts




Jewelry Making

Languages (See Sub-list)



Musical Instruments (See sub-list)




Paper Crafts




Spellcasting (Magic Skill)









Comments (12)

Dave said

at 4:38 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Architecture - This feels to me like a Logic skill. Though there certainly is an artistic element to design, the engineering aspect of the skill seems more in line with your other Logic skills than with Creativity.

Dave said

at 4:43 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Binding - I could see this as a Creativity skill, but I think it might fit better as a Dexterity skill. Its primary function in a game (tying up an enemy) will be probably involve a test of the user's execution, rather than which knots to use or how to adapt it to the environment.

Dave said

at 4:48 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Chandlery - I thought candlemaking was somewhat more formulaic and recipe-driven, rather than inventive. While I suppose it could be both, I would stick this under Logic, (even it's considered more of an art than a science).

Dave said

at 4:51 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Forgery - I can see forgery as a Creativity skill, but since it's all about precise duplication rather than artistic invention... well I would stick this with Logic or Dexterity

Dave said

at 4:59 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Glassblowing - I can certainly see some justification for glassblowing to be a Creativity skill. But I can also see reason to classify it as a Dexterity, Logic, or even Fitness skill. It can be a taxing acitivty, requiring speed and precision. It also requires significant knowledge of formulas and was used back in the day for custom laboratory creations.

Dave said

at 5:02 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Hosting - This sure seem like an Influence skill to me. Despite the detail management aspect of the activity, it all boils down to making sure that people have a good time.

Dave said

at 5:07 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Languages - I could see languages being Logic skills. Knowledge of sentence construction, verb conjugation, vocabulary memorization - all seem like aspects better governed by the Logic stat.

Dave said

at 5:12 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Metalcrafts - While I suppose that artistic crafts fit well with Creativity, functional crafts are currently aligned with the Logic stat. So which is this?

Dave said

at 5:15 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Mystic Creatures - Though magic seems to be closely married to the Creativity stat, this seems like a knowledge skill which might fit better with Logic. If it's not a knowledge skill, and instead is the ability to intuitively recognize creatures when encountering them... well than Creativity might work just fine.

Dave said

at 5:16 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Mystic Places - The same comments which applied to mystic creatures also apply here. If this is a knowledge skill, Logic seems more applicable.

Dave said

at 5:22 pm on Aug 18, 2006

Packing - I can see a Logic apsect to this skill, though I also see Creativity being appropriate. A sailor packing his ship, making certain everything goes whereit is supposed to go - that seems like Logic. But Aunt Bertha, packing a suitcase with as many pairs of socks as can fit in shoes or around alarm clocks - Creativity. Of course, how often is this skill really going to matter in a game or to a player concept?

Joseph Teller said

at 11:38 pm on Aug 23, 2006

I've been thru the skill lists now and applied many of Dave's ideas into the choices and details. - Thanks again for the feedback.

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