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(Creativity Skill)


This is the skill of mixing and applying cosmetics to enhance one's appearance, hide flaws or unusual features, or to assist in the development of disguises. It, of course, requires a collection of cosmetics to be applied to work.


A failure of the use of the skill will always make things worse, and reduce the character's Influence by 1 temporarily while they are still applied, make them distinctive in a way that does not disguise them or conceal flaws but which makes flaws more prominent and generally is detrimental to the character.


A Limited Success with this skill generally does not significantly enhance the character or modify disguise skill effects, but will hide flaws or unusual features (like covering a tattoo or birthmark) so that they are unnoticed.


A Moderate result gives a +1 to Influence while in effect, and an additional +1 for each level of Success to the character's Influence is appropriate.


An H or greater will also give a +1 per level above to modify a Disguise skill attempt made directly after the cosmetics skill roll.


Most cosmetics will wash off with water or alcohol fairly rapidly.


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