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(Island Anarchist State)


Cardova is about 650 miles off the coast of the Continent of Lutetia, south of the Shoals Of Merinita. The Island itself is only about a hundred square miles in size, and is an unrecognized anarcharistic state.


It was first populated during the western expansion period of the Belgravian Republic, as a source of fresh water and rudimentary foodstuffs for ships heading to Lutetia.


It was used up until the end of Belgravian control of Lutetia, when it became the base of operation for a small fleet of privateers who turned to piracy with the end of hostilities between the major powers in the area.


Thus Cardova became the center for pirate activity, which has continued into the modern era. The Island has become an anarchist state, with permanent settlement, ship repair facilities, small businesses, slave market trade and a very limited amount of government and control ongoing.


Basically the pirates work off a very set of rules of mutual protection from outside attack and a pack-like mentality of operation when stalking prey at sea.


Both Lutetia and Belgravia have taken turns trying to shut down Cardova at various times, sending out fleets and military forces, but inevitably have failed to take and hold the island. Each time the pirates have managed to not only beat them off, thru trickery and careful use of knowledge of the area, but they generally managed to upgrade their fleets with ships captured from their attackers.


The makeup of the Pirates include ships and staff are from several races and multiple countries of origin, as are the general population of the isle.


Cardova has no currency, no real rulership (though occasionally the captains gather and act as if a democratic body for matters that concern the maintainance of their basic survival and rules of operation and engagement).


A few little known facts (requires successful streetwise and Friends In Low Places or Pirate Born) are known about the Cardova Pirates.

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