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Cardova Pirates

Page history last edited by Joseph Teller 13 years, 11 months ago

Cardova Pirates


(This information is considered unavailable to most characters, unless they have made a Moderate or more successful Streetwise Skill roll, and have the trait Friends In Low Places; or have the trait Pirate Born.)


The Pirates of Cardova are not the only pirates in the world of Jarro, simply the most successful and longest lasting organization of pirates.


All Pirates (and their offspring born on Cardova) are tatooed at a very young age with the symbol of the Pirates, a Rattlesnake. This is usually on an arm, but may be elsewhere on the body. It is used to identify themselves to each other and show their loyalty.


The Pirates have had a long standing pact with the Dragomir Sultanate, and regularly supply them with slaves for their slave markets from across the world.


In recent years they have formed a secret business alliance with Zeitland, and have acquired cutting edge technology from them in regards to communications equipment, personal arms and small submarines to assist in their piracy.


The pirates are under oath not to attack ships of registry of the Sultante nor Zeitland. Pretty much all other ships are theirs to plunder. The Pirates take their oaths very seriously.

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