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Brotherhood Of The Rope Spells

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Brotherhood Of The Rope Spells



These begining spells for the Brotherhood of the Rope are primarily the work of Dave Jackson.


Universal Spell Casting Limits : Gestures


Chariot of the Spider (-8)

Target: Self Time: Continuous Effect: Movement, Enhance Senses: Any

Special: Incantations, Concentration, Multiple Minor Foci – Ropes


This spell animates multiple ropes and cords and calls them towards the caster. The ends of these ropes entwine around the caster’s torso, legs, and arms, becoming like the extra limbs of a spider or octopus. The caster can then move around very quickly, at a rate of Spirit*4. The extra rope limbs can be very long and serpentine, letting the caster swing and climb with exceptional ease. The ropes’ primary purpose is to support and carry the caster, but they can also be used for combat or other purposes. The caster can strike or grasp just like with the spell “Dance of the Chosen Cord,” but the effort of controlling all the limbs means that any such precision rolls are at -4. This penalty does not apply to any rolls for climbing or swinging.


Dance of the Chosen Cord (-5)

Target: One Rope Time: Continuing Effect: Control Senses: Sight, Touch

Special: Incantations, Concentration (+ Gestures)


This spell animates one rope, thread, cable, or wire, which then moves according to the caster’s desire. The rope acts with strength equal to the caster’s Spirit, and Dexterity equal to the caster’s Dexterity. The rope can snake along the ground and lift up to grab and manipulate objects. In combat, the rope can slap and lash, doing damage like a fist, or grasp, using the caster’s Binding skill in lieu of Brawling or Wrestling, and taking into account any range modifiers. However, the caster must concentrate to direct the rope, sacrificing any defenses and taking no other actions. The caster can stop concentrating at any time, and then resume later as long as the spell lasts.


Follow the Bound Thread (-4)

Target: Other Being Time: Continuous Effect: Information Senses: All

Special: Arcane Connection Optional, Concentration, Minor Focus – Piece of Rope


This spell gives the caster information about the direction and distance to the target of the spell. A piece of rope held by the caster will point to any person for whom the caster has an arcane connection. The rope will also stretch to a degree proportional to the distance to the target, so the caster should have a rough idea how far away his target is.


Incantation of Unweaving (-4)

Target: Object Time: Instant Effect: Destruction Senses: Sight, Touch

Special: Incantations, Concentration


Casting this spell unravels any woven, tied, or stitched object. Arrows can lose their fletching and arrowheads, linen clothes can disintegrate, and stitched leather saddles can fall apart.


Lash for the Condemned (-8)

Target: Other Being Time: Instant Effect: Damage Senses: All

Special: Minor Focus – length of rope, Incantations


With this spell, the caster causes a length of rope he is holding to lash out, striking his foe. This spell is opposed by physical defense skills, and range modifiers apply to the casting roll. Also, the foe cannot be further away than the rope is long. The rope strikes with powerful force, causing damage equal to the caster’s spirit, modified by the success level of the casting.


Portal of Circular Rope (-5)

Target: Object Time: Instant Effect: Gate Senses: Touch

Special: Arcane Connection Required, Minor Focus – Piece of Rope, Incantations


This spell allows the caster to store objects (usually lengths of rope, but necessarily) in an extra-dimensional space. The caster puts the object through a circle made of rope, which can be of any size as long as the object can fit through. The object then disappears into a small pocket dimension, a closed off loop of the fifth dimension. To retrieve an object, the caster must have an arcane connection to it, typically a small piece of the object, with which he casts this spell again. The stored items usually remain unmolested, but certain objects can attract the attention of fifth dimensional beings. Thus, the caster is advised against using this spell to store valuable or magical items.


Pounce of the Python (-3)

Target: One Individual Time: Instant Effect: Bind Senses: Sight, Touch

Special: Minor Focus - Length of Rope


This spell causes a length of rope to leap from the caster’s hand to entangle a foe. The casting is opposed by the target’s Wrestling, Contortionist, or a bladed weapon skill, and must take into account range modifiers. If the caster is successful, the target is treated as is he was successfully grappled by a foe with Fitness equal to the caster’s Spirit and skill equal to the caster’s Binding. Unlike a normal grapple, the pinned target takes no damage on subsequent turns, unless the rope is subsequently animated by another spell.


See the Threads of Fate (-12)

Target: Other Being Time: Instant Effect: Retrocognition, Precognition Senses: All

Special: Arcane Connection Optional, Incantations, Concentration, Extra Time – Full Minute


This spell gives the caster a momentary glimpse of the future or past of his target (which cannot be himself). The caster chooses a time in the present or past which cannot be any further into the past or future than the duration indicated by the spell result, and the spell indicates approximately where the target was or will be with reference to himself, not the caster. For example, the spell might indicate that in five days, the targeted creature will be about 40 miles southwest from where he is now. Obviously any future divinations will not be definite, especially if the caster or any associates act upon knowledge gained from the divination.


Sense the Ties that Bind (-4)

Target: Area, Room Time: Continuous Effect: Information Senses: All

Special: Concentration, Minor Foci – Rope or Thread


To cast this spell, the caster must tie two small loops of cord together. This spell then points out to the caster all objects that have an arcane connection of some significant strength. Objects that are currently on the person of a character to which that object has an arcane connection are not identified. Note that this spell does not identify to whom or what an object has an arcane connection, merely that the connection exists.


The Mending Stitch (-3)

Target: Other Being or Object Time: Instant Effect: Repair Senses: Touch, Sight

Special: Incantations, Extra Time – Two Actions, Concentration


This spell repairs any object that is woven or stitched together, such as clothing, rope, stitched leather, etc. It can also be used to magically suture open wounds if the caster has source of suitable thread (a needle is not necessary). Only wounds caused by bullets, knives, claws, and other such sources of injury can be affected; blunt trauma, burns, and internal injury cannot be healed. The amount of damage healed is based the caster’s spirit, and can only be performed once on each set of wounds.


The Steel Thread (-7)

Target: One Rope, Thread, or Cable Time: Continuous Effect: Transformation Senses: All

Special: Concentration, Incantations


With this spell, the caster can change the nature of a single rope, temporarily making it as hard as high quality steel. During the duration of this spell, the rope is rigid and cannot be manipulated except by forces that would be sufficient to bend or break steel. Also, the rope does not count as a rope for the purposes of being the target of a spell.


The Weaver’s Work Delayed (-1)

Target: One Rope Time: Instant-Triggered Effect: Minor Transformation Senses: Any

Special: Incantations, Concentration, Extra Time – Full Minute


To cast this spell, the caster must cut a small piece of rope from a larger piece of rope, and then tie that small piece into a knot. Then, if the knot is untied at a later date, the small piece of rope will grow to a length equal to the whole length of the original uncut rope. Only one piece of rope from any particular length can be thusly enchanted at any given time, but once triggered the enchantment can be repeated as often as desired.

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