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Bottomless Stomach

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 4 months ago

Bottomless Stomach


(Minor Unfavorable Trait)


A character with this trait seems to always be hungry, and to have trouble controlling themselves around food. They seem to constantly be eating, snacking whenever awake. The actual weight of the character can be anywhere on the scale, some may eat and never gain weight others do and notably so. It's not a matter of depression eating, nor of a tapeworm, but seems to be a biological compulsive behavior.


They do not need to be eating large quantities... though they certainly will when given a chace to do so. And they will spend more of their finances on food than on many other things in their lives, and nearly always be carrying some sort of food on them to gnash away at.


A character with this trait is always at a -2 Base to Stealth, Etiquette, Oratory, Ventriloquism and Seduction skills since the food gets in the way.


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