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Black Guard

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Black Guard


Military branch of the religion of Aramhime The Preserver, who primarily can be found in the Dragomir Sultanate. The size and capabilities of the organization is unknown to outsiders, but is rumored from being a few hundred to many thousand members.


Their financial resources appear quite extensive, as well as their network of information sources and 'spies' throughout the land.


The Black Guard are allowed to carry and use whatever weapons and tools are necessary to seek out, arrest, imprison and question heretics. They also deal with breaches of moral laws of the church within the boundaries of the country, including the dealing with foreign infidels who seek to corrupt the true believers.


They Guard has no legal authority outside the country, and often has jurisdictional disputes with the sultan's constables. The guard has edicts that prevent them from boarding any ships moored or passing thru the territorial waters of the country, and cannot pursue fugitives onto such vessels. Foreign vessels are perceived as being 'foreign soil' and outside their jurisdiction.


Rumor says that the Guard has secret magical practitioners, specially trained, to help track their enemies, but that their magic fails once they leave the soil of the Dragomir Sultanate.

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