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Binge Drinker

Page history last edited by Joseph Teller 14 years, 1 month ago

Binge Drinker (Major Unfavorable Trait)


Binge drinking is a period of continuing intoxication lasting for at least two days during which time the drinker neglects their usual responsibilities and simply desires a state of intoxication.


A character with this trait will randomly go off on a binge, usually in the company of others (binge drinkers are usually social drinkers) and abandon their responsibilities while on a binge. Characters will need to make a SPIRIT roll at -2 (10%) to avoid the temptation to do this when in a party situation, bar/tavern, festival celebration where alcohol is involved, or when in a period of extreme stress in their lives.


A Binge drinker that falls to this trait's influence too often may eventually lose permanent Fitness points.

The GM may, whenever the character has gone thru a Binge, decide a Fitness roll is needed to avoid such a permanent loss of a Fitness point. If they have lost a point in this manner, the GM should not require another such roll during the same storyline or until 6 in-game story months have occurred.


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