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Bastard Noble

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Bastard Noble (Major Unfavorable)


A character with this trait is the illegitimate son or daughter of an aristocrat or other noble household that has not been legally recognized by their parent for some reason, and has to date been denied any potential inheritance.


They may be a tool of blackmailers, or may use their position for such, or they may be an unfortunate 'accident' that their noble parent would prefer to forget, or eliminate on some level. Perhaps they have even spent time as a prisoner or are exiled from their homeland to keep others from finding out and using them, or are involved in a conspiracy to not only get themselves recognized but to overthrow possible other heirs.


Whether their parent is alive or not needs to be discussed and planned with the GM, as well as ways that their storyline may be used in the game. Since their parentage and potential importance as a story may be very dominating to story play in the long term, this trait is allowed only with GM permission and only makes sense to have a single character in play with it.


The GM may also allow this to be extended to being the son or daughter of a major financial/industrial/trading empire leader, or to an important politician in a locale where there is no official nobility/aristocracy, if the back story makes sense and would give interesting story opportunities.


Since this trait gives the GM a lot of control in many ways on plotting, this is rated as an unfavorable trait (it essentially could make a character marked for assassins or numerous other nasty things in it's course).



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