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Alternate Identity

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Alternate Identity (Minor Favorable Trait)



A character with this trait has established a second complete identity for themselves, including appropriate documentation that can verified effectively to a point. This may be because they have something to hide (like a Criminal Record) or because they need to operate in two different professional fields that have animosity towards each other within the culture (such as being a news reporter and in law enforcement) or because they are doing something less than legal (being a thief, a spy, a hitman, a blackmailer, etc.) to support themselves in the style they are accustom to.


It's also possible that they are simply carrying out a career that they feel their family wouldn't want to know about (exotic dancer, artist, actor, etc.) or to protect family members from retaliation (my name has been changed to protect the innocent).


In general this should be for a good reason, and one that can impact the character's life it is revealed to the wrong people or discovered. It has more beneficial uses than negative ones, but as a story trait the GM can use it as a plot motivator at times in interesting ways, but it should not be used as a purely negative thing or the player should receive value for it as a unfavorable major trait, Secret Identity.


This trait should not be taken at the same time as Secret Identity.


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