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Alien Presences

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The Alien Presence:


It is possible in some campaigns the GM will allow players to take the part of a visiting alien anthropologist or other scientist, or occasionally a tourist, trader or even a ‘criminal’ that has decided to try to slip thru the security efforts and live among the natives and/or subvert the quarantine.


The Harmonic Alliance maintains a domed City on an outer moon of the Gas Giant that powers the T-Gate. It has a small but diverse population of technicians and scientists. Primarily Earth humans are used to deal with the natives of Jarro and the other worlds, though occasional Blue Skinned Bellarians also visit. Natives of Zamani are only allowed in the City on extraordinary occasions.


The Bellarians, as representatives of the Alliance, maintain embassies in several countries on Jarro.


Besides ordinary humans who simply come from an advanced technological setting of the Earth and it’s colonies, other possibilities are:


Bellarians : A humanoid race ranging from 1.50m to 2.0m in height as adults, warm blooded, with no body hair. Bellarians are marsupials, with two sexes and three genders. They have no external hearing organs. They prefer a humid environment, and avoid extremely cold climates. The Bellarians are often seen as idealists and Perfectionists that tend to see the good in others and fail to see darker motives. They are the prime alien race to be found in the domed city. They have extended breathing (+5 to Fitness for measuring how long they can hold their breathe), Enhanced Hearing (+2 ranks for perception rolls using hearing), have a life span of some 400 years. Generally they have a racial reputation of being Idealistic Perfectionists. It is believed that they have a natural vulnerability to Cold temperatures.


Drazili : A humanoid race ranging from 1.4m to 1.75m in height as adults, reptilian egg-layers with two physical sexes and genders. They possess a blunt flattened nose, larger than human eyes (with an extra transparent protective eye-lid), a short stubby tail and leathery skins that they shed once a year. It's believed that many generations ago they had a venomous bite ability, which has since been lost, but they still have immunities to such. They have natural armor of 4 points of protection. They may have a Fitness as great as 12, but their maximum Dexterity is 8. They have a natural immunity to blistering agents (vesicants like Mustard Gas), neutralizing agents (tear gas, itching powder), and retching inducing agents. They are also immunity to ophidotoxins. Among the aliens they have a racial reputation for exploiting lower technology worlds via “trade missions” (Smuggling, indentured servitude, slavery etc.) The Drazili are believed to be very interested in magic as they want to access it, find methods to profit from it etc. The Drazili are said to have star traveling vessels that do not need to use the T-Gates but can traverse one of the Outer Dimensions to skip over vast distances.

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