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(Severe Favorable Trait)



The Albeda are humanoids of the 5th dimension, where space distorts, and apparently able to mate with the various mortal humanoid species of Zamani.


To have Albeda as a Mystic Heritage generally manifests in specific ways. They will have slightly elongated ear lobes, the trait Prehensile Feet (for free), and bodies that have a lower percentage of body fat and more muscle than say humans would. Facially they tend to have smaller noses than the majority of humans.


All Albeda characters get a +1 to their maximum possible Dexterity and Fitness attributes over what is normal for their other species, and can buy up these attributes if they are not maximized at start by buying them up with Growth Points at a rate of 10 Growth Points for 1 point of Either Dexterity or Fitness.


All Albeda should have Mystic Sense Hearing as a trait. (This is not free with taking this heritage).


Albeda heritage characters have a special skill, Dimensional Hop, which allows them to access the 5th dimension physically. They can use this to move in an action from where they stand to another location within their line of sight without crossing the intervening distance (but causing a 'Pop' sound where they leave and a rush of air where they arrive)....though a failed skill roll will land them elsewhere in the vicinity.


Dimensional Hop is a Spirit based skill, unlike most of the other skills in the system. Character growth points cannot be spent to increase it unless they actually use it in a game session.


They can also use it to Gate themselves into the 5th Dimension, move around in it, and then return to a random location or one that they have memorized previously. (Failed skill rolls always result on a random result). Depending on how long they stay there this may take 2 actions (one to leave, one to arrive) or quite a bit longer.


Clothing, possessions and anyone in contact with them (up to their own body weight) will move with them when using these abilities. If held by someone with more mass then themselves then they can't use them. The same is true if bound to a mostly immovable object.


Memorizing a location takes a full minute (10 actions) in the location without other activity. One location can be memorized for each point the character has in their Spirit attribute. They can choose to forget a location by replacing it with a new one.


When they fail their skill roll, or only make a limited result, they will take a wound point when using these abilities.


Albelda characters may have other traits related to their heritage, these are just the ones that are consistent with all characters with this mystic heritage.


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