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The skill of acrobatics in Zamani is actually a pulp style combination of Acrobatics, Gymnastic techniques, Tumbling and unusual martial arts movement and dodging maneuvers into a single simple abstracted skill.


It includes knowing how to fall, roll, cartwheel, walk a balance beam, swing from a rope, handstand, jump a vault, jump and roll, and even pole vault, somersault, tight rope walk or use a springboard.


Acrobatics is used defensively in combat as an alternative to just a pure Dexterity defense, but cannot be used as such at the same time as a two handed weapon or a one handed weapon in combination with a shield.


Acrobatics success, just like Dexterity Defense, is reduced by the wearing of heavy armor. Physical Armor (not magic of natural body armor based) reduces defense by 1 for every 2 points of armor absorbtion (except Quality of craftsmanship adds).


It's important to remember that Acrobatics only applies to one attack in a combat Action round. If you are facing multiple opponents, you drop to a Dexterity defense (or if possible a weapon block or a shield). Acrobatics also cannot be used as a defense if you are being grappled/pinned by a wrestling maneuver or are prevented from using your limbs by being sufficiently tied up .


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